Forget the Crimson Tide.  Forget the Football.  Forget…forget all manner of sports events.  They all pale in comparison to the event that is going to be in Alabama on the 31st.

The Alabama SMB User Group (ASMBUG) will hold its first meeting of 2006 on January 31st in Birmingham.

Our guest speaker will be Jeff Middleton, SBS-MVP and CEO of

Jeff’s visit to Birmingham marks the first of a series of in-person events that Jeff will undertake in 2006 to outline new services and offerings from relating to his Swing Migration method.

So even if you have seen or heard Jeff present before, you can expect plenty of brand-new content and information.

ASMBUG extends a special invitation to members from other user groups.

Light refreshments will be provided.

There is no cost to attend, but registration via the following “Click-To-Attend” link is required.

Registration site: 
Event Code: 106068



For more information about the event or ASMBUG, contact Chris Rue

To sign up for ASMBUG, please visit ASMBUG’s Yahoo group mailing list


3 Responses to Alabama… have you got something special coming your way or what?

  1. John Johnson says:

    I live 3 hours from Birmingham, and have family there. I live in Nashville, TN.

    I have never heard Jeff Speak. Is it worth the 3 hour trip to hear him speak??


  2. bradley says:

    You do SBS migrations or disaster recoveries of SBS boxes? Then yes.

  3. happyfunboy says:


    we’d be more than happy to have you make the trip to join us for jeff’s talk.

    you can sign up using the following link to get info and directions:

    hope you can make it.

    and as for the rest of you…come on down/over/up/whatever and join us!