Checked out Small Business + yet?

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So I’m out on and I signed up for the Small Business + that the Microsoft Monitor talks about….and well… I wanted to see if there’s a real human being on the other side…

Welcome to the Microsoft Small Business Helpdesk Chat

Please start your conversation.


{Ice} Welcome Susan to the Small Business Online Concierge. How may I assist you? 

{Susan Bradley} Just checking if this is a human being or a computer system answering questions? 

{Ice} Human 🙂 

{Ice} Susan, have a nice weekend. 

{Susan Bradley} I’m a SBS MVP [ and was checking out the support offered for small businesses 

{Ice} How may I help you at this moment?

There really is a human there… now the Microsoft Monitor says that “very small businesses don’t rely on resellers anyway” but I disagree…

Marci wrote into the public newsgroup a post about how she has a 10 person firm and the IT person that she uses was talking her out of SBS and into separate boxes for each part and not, at least not in my estimation and that of a bunch of rest of newsgroup posters, good recommendations about the options she has for fixing a server. 

Instead of bringing her a small business resolution to a problem, he’s bringing a big business viewpoint.  I think we as small businesses do want to rely on someone, but there are times that it’s downright shameful the lack of knowledge that some consultants bring to the small business marketplace.  As a person who themselves was once told by a VAR/VAP that they did not recommend SBS for me, that I would outgrow it, it’s your job as a consultant to do your homework and recommend a good solution to a client.  It’s not your job to constantly be blindly following the mantra of “oh best practices”, when the small firm is better off even with the lack of so called best practices in the SBS platform.

Between the Small Business + and the Small Business Specialist.. I hope Marci has more options than she currently has.


3 Responses to Checked out Small Business + yet?

  1. Amy says:

    Maybe what we need is a small business best practices. Yes, we have Harry’s book attempting to do this but what we really need is the buy in from Microsoft.

  2. James says:

    I’ve ran across a few consultants that mean well but sometimes money comes into the equation. Breaking out services to different servers can bring in some nice cash flow. I’m not saying this particular person is doing that but its something to think about.

  3. Tony says:

    There’s also a comfort level with the consultant. Personally, I love SBS 2003, but there is no way I recommend having the net facing webserver for the company on the SBS box. I feel much safer to have a W2k3 Web edition server sitting outside the domain in a DMZ on low-end hardware with an image on CD for Disaster/recovery situation.

    Paranoid? Maybe, but if you can recycle an older server (or even a desktop with two drives for a software RAID 1 setup), the cost is pretty small.

    Contrast the $500 bucks for the server lic. and the intrinsic value of recycling a lower end machine with having someone hack IIS (which all that long ago wasn’t unusual) and gain entry to the whole shebang….it’s an easy sale.