Dear Live Communication Server people:

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Dear LCS people….just saw this blog on the demise of Netmeeting in Vista and just wanted to remind you folks that I do love your Live Meeting server that allows me to have internal only messaging in my firm, allows me to track who’s in the office and who’s not and allows me to integrate it with Sharepoint.  But I gotta level with you guys that I’m one of the wacko ones that got Software Assurance and caught the product somewhat reasonably priced …and I even re-SA’d it to hang on to it. 

Harold talks about the Exchange and LCS being under the same business group…but I just want to put in my two cents once again for a lightweight, no VOIP, no hosting of streaming media…just plain old ‘chat’ inside the office for quick messages. 

Most of us in small business are using our own duct taped together solutions for an internal IM…but if you guys just happen to want to have another product to roll out…and yes, sorry, it’s got to be cheap… a nice low feature internal only IM would be nice if you have some time.


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  1. Nick Pieters says:

    Well i got a solution, that’s cheap and works verry good. It is open source. So this starts another discussion. Can we implement some opensource in an sbs environment and what kind of security issues brings this with it?

    Jabber, works on xmpp protocol. Can do SSL, AD user integration. Webbased, etc…

    If you wanna get more info of it you can send me an email: nick.pieters[at]

  2. LCS Kid says:

    As a follow up to the Netmeeting removal, please be advised that there is a proposed peer to peer solution in Vista. So your need for a light or cheap (free) solution should be addressed.

    The solution is refered to as Windows Collaboration or People Near Me. Since Vista is beta I will simply point these technologies out and refer you to public resources that exist already.