I have access to an MSDN license that gives me testing rights to an operating system

I have access to an Action pack license that gives me rights to run the IT side of my business

My firm has a Open Business/Value (whatever the 3 year software assurance is called) because at the time I signed up for it, there was not the MPAN program and since the majority of the firm’s income is from consulting other than IT, I didn’t feel that it was kosher to be running the firm on my “action pack” license.

I think I’m about as legal as you can get, as least I hope so.  A fellow CPA said to me that what they didn’t like the most about Microsoft licensing was the ‘wink wink’ that seemingly occurs.  That he felt that Microsoft purposely turns a blind eye to the issue of illegal software sales. That oh sure… Bill Gates and make a big deal about it, say that it’s going to take 10 years, annoy the heck out of us with Windows Genuine Advantage and Activation, but when push came to shove they needed to put their money where their mouth was and truly make and effort to show they were really and truly serious about piracy.

Two of Vlad’s posts showcase this better than anything… first a vendor still selling NFRs and then a Doctor buys the Action pack.

Microsoft… if you want to walk the walk and talk the talk on piracy…. this is where the cliches’ come to pass and you put your money where your mouth is.

You spend the Lawyers fees to shut down that vendor.

You train your staff to understand the difference between a Doctor of Medicine and a Implementer of Technology.


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