I was multi tasking a bit this weekend and the CTP build for Vista came out so I loaded that up last night as I went to bed in a dual boot manner.  So I’ve been flipping back and forth between Vista and XP when suddenly this evening the XP side of the world, dealing with the NIC card starts to freeze up the computer.  Then starts the fun stuff…the NIC loses connectivity. 

You know how hard it is to google up a resolution to a technology problem when your google can’t google because of loss of tcp/ip connectivity?  And because of course I really didn’t have a lot of time to be messing with fixing this…suddenly I became an Expert Vista user real fast. 

I still have to find the settings from Sandi that you can use in the registry to tell this blog that I’m not IE 7 but rather IE 6 so for now I’m on the wirelessly connected laptop typing up this warning about always leaving yourself a back door.

Whether that backdoor to the Internet is a wireless laptop…or… a Vista partition, make sure you have a way out to the Internet.  I can even get there via my Cingular Air Card these days.


2 Responses to When dealing with technology, always leave yourself a backdoor

  1. MikeMc says:

    When dual booting, most boot managers will hide the non booting OS partition. It sounds like both OS partitions are visible to each other. This will generally cause problems.

    If XP was in a hidden partition and Vista still made changes to it, then dual booting on one hard drive will become a thing of the past.

    I have installed a second hard drive in my workstation that is identical to the first. Both hard drives are in ‘drive racks’ which I can turn off and on. I now mirror the 1st HD to the 2nd and run my experiments on it with the first HD turned off. This arrangement makes experimenting much easier and less nerve racking.