Just a reminder that there will be a meeting on Thursday at the Fresno Airport Holiday Inn for the Fresno SMBTN chapter.

The topic this month will be on antivirus and spam and we will discuss what vars and vaps like and dislike about Antivirus (and their vendors and their reseller programs)

Just a friendly piece of advice after the McAfee kills Excel …and Oracle…and just about everything else…..

Don’t “identify viruses” and “delete”

“Quarantine” them.  Then when your A/V vendor decides to build a bad dat file… you won’t end up with a screwed up system that you’ll need them to build a tool to fix you back up.

Where:  Fresno Airport Holiday Inn

When:  Thurday 3/16/2006

What time:  6:30 p.m. to whenever

Giveaways:  70-282 Prep Exam guide books



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