I was driving around yesterday and the only podcast I had with my in the car burned into a cdrom was the one on Mobility…. it got to the point after listening to it a couple of times I knew right when Mark would say “in SBS …you know we say that you could have bought the ship in the bottle…or you could have pieced it together… SBS is like the ship in the bottle” and then when Peter would ask Damian about where was is going on the talk about certs…. I knew I had to burn in more for the car.

So do you listen to the podcasts on the road?  On a mp3 player?  Remember that unlike webcasts, podcasts are portable.  Now I do agree with Happy Fun Boy and Vlad..that some things just don’t podcast well…. but those items that are “podcasted and pod’ded well”, it’s easy to take them with you for the car.  Using either Windows Media or Musicmatch, you can take the downloaded mp3s and burn to cdrom.  This converts them to the necessary format that will play in the car.


7 Responses to Burning in those Podcasts for the road…

  1. happyfunboy says:

    as much driving as i’ve been doing lately, i just take them on my nano, and use only one earbud.

    costs nothing, requires no extra effort, and i can still hear around me.

    you know…stuff like pedestrians screaming terror, other drivers cursing me, state and local authorities in pursuit…

    however, my next car will definitely have a line-in jack.

    that way, for the low low cost of a single cable, my nano would play straight through the speakers.

  2. eric says:

    I have been listening to several different podcasts for over a year now, so I consider myself a veteran podcast listener. I do alot of driving for work so they are definitely a blessing. Like Susan I use to burn the podcast onto a CD-RW as a music cd so they could play on about any car player. However, this was a very time consuming process since you’re limted to close to an hour of listening. Then I had the idea of buying a Car stereo that can play MP3’s that are burned to CD-RW discs. Now I can listen to 10 hours + of podcast on 1 CD-RW. Every weekend I just burn new podcasts from that week. It works great, no earbuds needed and easy to fast forward. I think we will eventually see MP3 compatiable car steroes as the standard in new cars. Many are already offering it as an option. I know you can find new after market decks for under $100.

  3. Stevereno says:

    For less than $9.00 you can but a cassette adapter that plugs into your MP3 player and plays through your car stereo


    There is a FM transmitter that plugs into your MP3 player and transmits directly to your FM radio.

    Both of these devices work extremely well.

    I have a MP3 player with 30Gb of space and loving every bit of the SBS show and Inside SBS that I can download. Road trips are a lot more tolerable than they were before.

  4. Susan, you are such a trooper! I end up listening to most of our episodes 2-3 times, but that’s only because, in addition to being MC, lead geek, organizer, and roadie, I’m also responsible for all the audio edits (think 4-5 minutes of pauses, uhms, and snorts clipped out per show). [Standing offer – if anyone knows any aspiring audio engineers who want to work for free in exchange for being able to say “produced podcasts for Microsoft”, drop me a line].

    I love my Diamond Rio – use it while jogging, waiting in line, and in the car hooked up to an external speaker set I picked up for ~$20 at Radio Shack. I like the freedom to take the speakers with me anywhere I may be working.

    One trick I use when I’m at a computer to squeeze more in my day is to speed up the tracks in WMP – http://blogs.technet.com/sbs/archive/2005/11/14/414490.aspx. You are able to process information *much* more quickly than most people speak. Increasing the speed also has the side-effect (for me at least) of neutralizing a lot of the quirks inherent with non-professionals (myself included) recording their own audio.

  5. Aaron Booker says:

    Just a note that many folks are using iTunes for podcast management/listening…

    It is very, very easy to burn a MP3 CD in iTunes.



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