So you want to be a SBSC?

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David asks… “I have just started my own consulting business focusing on small businesses in the engineering and manufacturing verticle.  I have taken the courses for the MCSA and was planning to take the exams shortly.  I may go for the Small Business Specialist first now that I have seen the Summit’s webcast.  I have just received a small dell server with SBS 2003 on it and have already reloaded it once. FUN – It is soooo cool what they have done with this product!  OK, the reason for contacting you.  What books do you recommend for the Small Business Specialist Exam and any others that would round out a best practices for the product?  Do you have a book(s)?  Thanks for any help you can provide!”

The book I’d recommend is Harry and Beatrice’s 70-282 guide.

As far as other resources… I’d like to first point you to this resource on the Web which has Microsoft’s official literature…and then let me point you to a prior blog post about books on SBS.  I’ve done chapters in two books…and I’m reviewing another by Charlie Russel that will be specifically on the SBS 2003 R2 version.

…the key to passing the SBSC exam is to “think Microsoft”.  Meaning that make sure you know the minimum specs of SBS and think it terms of “okay this isn’t how I’d do this in the real world …but I’ll bet that’s the one that is close to the real world”.

As far as best practices… just come out to the communities or find a SBS group near you and ask… but maybe we need to think about a SBS setup wiki that wouldn’t just go into “how do I set up the server” but would help in setting up all the OTHER stuff… login scripts, antivirus setups, all the other ‘tweaking’ we do after the server is set up… something to consider.. a community setup guide maybe… anyone else think that’s a good idea?


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  1. David Schrag says:

    Part of me likes the idea of a wiki, because there is so much valuable information that gets lost in newsgroup and mailing list posts. But there are already so many SBS-focused web sites out there. How could we make sure the wiki becomes THE place for SBS setup information, rather than just one more place you have to look?

  2. Erik Droszcz says:

    I am really new to the SBS world. So far I have only installed one SBS machine, and that was just a test for myself to see what it was like.

    Maby I am totaly at the wrong place, but I really like the idea with a how-to-set-up-different-servcies-in-sbs wiki.

    I guess most people who start with SBS already have worked with Microsoft products for some time.

    But where do people like myself, who just beginning working with these products, start?

    I guess I should find myself a Idioit’s Guide to SBS book, but still, I wouldnt mind more basic typ of online guides.

  3. Aaron Booker says:

    We’re heading down the path of becoming a Small Business Specialist. Your blog has been my wiki so far… But I would really prefer a wiki so I don’t have to do so much googling (and searching inside your blog) 🙂

    I think it’s a great idea.