Ah but I DO get this as a software assurance benefit…

Dear Susan Bradley,

Please note that the content of this email has been created by Microsoft and is being sent to you by Microsoft, on behalf of the Software Assurance Benefit Administrator, Susan Bradley , within your organization.

As a Microsoft Software Assurance customer, your organization is eligible for benefits that can help you get even more value from Microsoft’s technology. 24×7 Problem Resolution Support (PRS) is one of these benefits.

You have been identified as an Authorized Contact to use this 24×7 Phone Support and Web Support Software Assurance benefit. In order to access this benefit you will need the following Software Assurance (SA) Access ID.


24×7 Phone Support
When you want to use phone support, dial the PSS support line. You will then be asked to provide your ID. Use the SA Access ID to open problem resolution requests on eligible Server, Windows and Office products. Your organization has a limited number of phone support incidents, using this ID helps limit access to specific individuals. You can find the Product Support Services phone numbers at
http://support.microsoft.com/gp/saphone. More information about 24×7 Problem Resolution Support can be found at http://support.microsoft.com/sasupport.

Web Support for Servers with Software Assurance Coverage
For eligible Standard and Enterprise Edition server products with current Software Assurance coverage, the SA Access ID allows you to open problem resolution requests via the web using the Microsoft Online Assisted Support (OAS) interface

Please note: If you are also an Authorized Contact on a Premier Services contract, then your SA Access ID allows you to open problem resolution requests via the normal Premier Support channels (Premier Online for eligible server products). Support service levels for these various offerings remain unchanged.

For more information about the number of 24×7 Problem Resolution phone support incidents available to your organization or which servers are eligible for this support coverage under your SA Access ID, please do not hesitate to contact your Benefits Administrator, Susan Bradley.

For more information about Software Assurance, please refer to http://www.microsoft.com/licensing.

Please note that the use of this SA Access ID is specifically granted to you, and is bound by the Terms & Conditions of Microsoft’s Problem Resolution Support and Support Lifecycle policies. This ID is not transferable to other individuals within or outside your organization.

You should also note that the use and deployment of Problem Resolution Support software, and any other software provided to our organization in connection with Microsoft’s Software Assurance enhancements, is subject to the terms and conditions of our Volume License Agreement, the Product Use Rights (PUR) and the applicable eligibility criteria set forth in the Microsoft Product List and the Microsoft Volume Licensing Services (MVLS) web site.

Once again, we welcome you to Microsoft Software Assurance benefits!

Thank you,

Microsoft, on behalf of your Benefits Administrator


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  1. Jim Federico says:

    Problem is you will be sent to India for this free support. Good luck