Prior to August of 2004, I began tracking a blog about Security ….and then one day the guy on the blog posted in the newsgroup… and then we talked on the phone…and then swapped emails…and IMs…. and started a friendship.  At SMBnation last year we met in person for the first time (you wouldn’t have guess that from the presentation would you?) 

Today he’s gone from being a security friend and guru, to a Small Business Security guru.  It’s cool to see this come to the marketplace.  I find that it adds a great deal to my already daily routine of my morning email…. in the next phase, SBS 2003 R2 will give me “green checks” in my daily email.

But today, I get blue magnifying glass every day at 6 a.m that keeps me aware and is part of that “hardening me” the business owner process.

Scorpion Software releases Firewall Dashboard for Microsoft’s Small Business Server 2003

Chilliwack, BC: March 22, 2006 – Scorpion Software Corp. today announced the general availability of version 1.0 of Firewall Dashboard, a security analytics tool to proactively identify threats before they become problems to small businesses that are using Microsoft’s Small Business Server 2003 (SBS 2003). With the Firewall Dashboard, owners of SBS 2003 can now change their raw firewall logs into meaningful and interpretable graphical threat assessments. With its unique ability to first aggregate log data, and then filter out network chatter, users of Firewall Dashboard can easily peel back the layers of firewall event complexity to find the real issues their network is facing. More information about the Firewall Dashboard is available at

“The Firewall Dashboard is our first security analytics tools to help small businesses understand the real threats to their business.” says Dana Epp, Scorpion Software’s President and computer security software architect. “We want to get relevant computer security intelligence information to business owners, and we are pleased to have worked with the small business community in designing and testing this product. With over 100 SBS servers already running the Firewall Dashboard during its development process, we continue to receive great feedback from SBS administrators and business owners in the field who are actually using the product every day.” Testimonials from some of those users can be viewed at:

Pricing and Availability

Firewall Dashboard is available today to customers worldwide through Scorpion Software resellers and the Scorpion Software Company Store at MSRP for a single one year license of the Firewall Dashboard is $95 USD. Resellers can purchase the Firewall Dashboard Reseller Pack, a five (5) unit bundling of one year licenses for $356.25 USD.

About Scorpion Software Corp.

Scorpion Software Corp. is a leading provider of security analytic tools for small business, helping organizations proactively identify and remediate network and server vulnerabilities by getting relevant computer security intelligence information to business owners. Headquartered in British Columbia, Canada, Scorpion Software helps small businesses manage online risk while offering unprecedented automated audit reporting and analysis. More information about the company is available at


One Response to I’ve got the Blue Magnfying glass to go with my Green Check

  1. happyfunboy says:

    as cool as the firewall dashboard is…

    i can’t get over the fact that there is an actual *place* called “chilliwack” in canada…


    *wipes tears from eyes*

    all kidding aside…way to go, dana!