What "I" get with SA

On March 22, 2006, in SBS Licensing, by

Well eweek talked about Microsoft’s offering of “Information Work Solution Services” as part of a SA benefit for small to medium firms.  Once again..it’s either eweek not getting the facts…or someone at Microsoft doesn’t define Small firms like me as a “small firm”.

I have SA licenses for Office and Windows and SBS.  I don’t have company wide licenses either… so when I looked at the new SA coverage, the only thing I went ..oh..okay I get that new thing.. was one Support call.

As you can see from this chart inside my licensing window (one for the server, one for Office/Windows), only those items that are hyperlinked am I eligible for.  Everything else I’m not.

So on this screen I get some training cdroms… and the biggie advantage for Office on SA… is that Home Use Rights.  The other day my sister was asking what was the cheapest way to get office for a employee at the place where she works and she went “hang on…we’re on software assurance..we have a “Home Use Rights” plan.

On this one I get a Virtual PC Express and the biggie for me is that 1 phone call now I get with SA.

But if you are concerned that suddenly “any” certified partner is going to start calling me for a free day long training session…guess again.  Unless your small firms regularly buy a lot of software, we’re down below many of these benefits offered by Software Assurance.


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