A major thing I like about the Mssmallbiz.com site is the fact that it’s a sharepoint site that sends me alerts.  Today Eric asks on the blog “what do you think it should be named?”… as naming does mean that folks immediately know what the ‘thing’ is about.  It helps people know immediately what they’ll find at the site.

So you up for a little renaming to help clarify the site to newbies?

He offered up….

  • Small Business Fellowship – A Lord or the Rings fan?  “Welcome to the Fellowship of Small Business”

  • Small Business Channel – A place you “tune in to” to get information, ideas, resources, etc. while remaining true to the focus being around those who supply the technology solutions to Small Businesses

  • Small Business Collective – A Star Trek fan?  Join the Collective today.  “Resistance is futile.”

  • Small Business Society – An upscale place?

I think Small Business Jedi Council should be one up for a vote… but I’m probably the only one to think that …not to mention George Lucas might want some royalties or something…. I think I like Small Business Channel.

What about you?


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