There’s a new graphic in the side bar of the blog… it indicates that due to the fact that I’m a SA customer I’ll be getting SBS 2003 R2.  The one with “just WSUS”.  Yeah it’s the one that no one in the Var/Vap world is seemingly excited about…but I am.

I got the graphic off the Official SBS blog.

It’s times like these that I still say I represent the end user view… because I still think it’s cool that SBS will have a patch engine under the hood in the future.

I’m outting myself tonight and saying that I still get goosebumps when thinking how far we’ve come in patching our SBS boxes that it can now be even be considered a marketing feature.  Back in the 4.5 days…heck even the 2000 days …there’s no way that the “patchability” of a network could even be considered an advantage.  Could even be touted as a feature. 

But hey…. I’m a patchaholic.

Want to know more about the SBS 2003 R2 stuff?  Check out two chances to talk to the SBS Podcast gang on Wednesday.


One Response to My name is Susan, and I’m a patchaholic

  1. Steve Banks says:

    My name is Steve, I’m a patchaholic.

    But I’m excited about HyBlue ( and what they have done with their one console solution for all my HyBlue customers.

    First off this is not an ad or a requested endorsement by anyone at HyBlue. I’m just totally jazzed that I can now deploy patches to groups of customers or all workstations, or all servers of a certain group I create, all from one central Web console. To me this is finally the solution that I’ve been asking MSFT over the years to allow us to have with SUS/WSUS/MBSA that they kept saying couldn’t happen due to licensing (sorry for swearing). One central management console that is monitoring my collective client network health and allowing me to implement updates, scan for vulnerabilities, restart computers, all from one location. And it was a lot easier to install than SUS or WSUS ever was. 🙂 So while I like the green check for the end user and the “just getting started” small business consultants, I am fired up about what Mathew and HyBlue have done! And to boot, they’ve dropped the pricing to a much lower per machine price if you deploy across an entire business’ network, so for what a customer was paying before for 24/7 health monitoring for one or two servers, they can cover their entire network in most cases. And for those problem children clients who turn off their computers at night when I’m trying to run SUS, this allows me to silent deploy and delay any needed restarts for a few days so when they shut down, it will see that and not attempt to take them offline in the middle of their work day. How cool is that?

    Okay, back to regular programming. – Steve