There’s ONE I haven’t HAD Yet?

On March 27, 2006, in news, by

I got pinged on IM with two questions from my nephew tonight ….

      ? #1 is there a microsoft software that allows you to speak in a mic and have the words put on a word doc?

And I said that Windows XP had a speech recognition ability… and I gave this link

And then I got asked….

ok and ? #2 what are the flavors of mountain dew because my friends think that there are only three and i know there are more

and I said… Mountain Dew regular, then Code red, then during the summer livewire, then during halloween, Pitch Black, then only at Taco Bell is Baja Blast, and if you want to count the Energy drink there’s “Amp”  (gawd I’m one sick puppy, aren’t I?  That I can rattle that off and know that Pitch Black was a sweet grape and was two years ago and Pitch Black II was last year’s and was a sour grape)

so there is no mdx?

MDX?  Hmmm…..I say?  What’s MDX?


Oh my goodness!  There’s a Mountain Dew I haven’t HAD yet?
Oh wow……..


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  1. Alun Jones says:

    Your posting frequency already beats anyone I know. You don’t need the extra energy.