Brian Kruse has made a new post: re: MBSA 2.0…so what am I missing?.

Ran into this myself…after going through the KB article I finally found someone’s post that led me to try the following which worked on a non-ISA system so it may or may not work with ISA.  I added an exception to the GP firewall settings to allow C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\dllhost.exe to accept requests from the server only.  You’ll have to use %windir%\system32\dllhost.exe in the GP since the : won’t work. Hope that helps!

It’s pretty obvious from posts out here that none of us have gotten this to work natively on the SBS box… and there won’t be a new release to get this to work… we need to adjust the firewalls to get it to work…. stay tuned as I’ll get the definitive answer on this….


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  1. Nick Pieters says:

    I use GFI for scanning the network. But have to admit that MBSA was a pretty good FREE tool… I hope they solve this soon.