Okay big server land people…..

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Okay big server land people…..why isn’t there an ‘edit’ key in the Group Policy Object Editor?

In the group policy…you type these GUID thingys in by hand?

I mean …really… you never make mistakes when setting up group policy settings or something?  So why no edit button? You guys think typing this stuff in by hand builds character or something?  I mean look at the gunk I need to type in there… and for the record… when giving us SBSers instructions on group policy..don’t assume that all of us have been in there enough to know that when typing in a new key we will truncate the “HKEY_LOCAL part and just need “MACHINE” up there…..

{B366DEBE-645B-43A5-B865-DDD82 C345492}
\Endpoints REG_MULTI_SZ “ncacn_ip_tcp,0,n”

Yuck .. I have to manually type in MACHINE..wack… Software.. wack… yadda yadda

2. Configure Windows Update Agent to use this static custom port by setting a registry key as follows: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes\AppID\
{B366DEBE-645B-43A5-B865-DDD82 C345492}\
Endpoints REG_MULTI_SZ “ncacn_ip_tcp,0,n”
(where n is the port number you have decided to use.) You may also configure the endpoint using the Component Services application in Control Panel. The Windows Update Agent – Remote Access endpoint is located under the path Component Services\Computers\My Computer\DCOM Config. Right-click and select Properties, then use the Endpoints tab on the Properties page to configure the static port.

And why do instructions like this assume that once we get to Component Services section…. in the control panel…that we’ll even have a clue of what to do when we get there? I mean like look at this:

Okay.. I see the static endpoint in the Dcom protocol …but.. now what.. do I need a protocol sequence of connection-oriented TCP/IP?  I guess so but the instructions don’t say to mess with that….but gang….don’t assume that we’ve been under the hood before and when giving instructions.. be specific…because if there’s anything else in there… we’re going to ask and wonder if we need to select anything….

P.S… skip the GUI?  Edit the text file?  Import them from the command line?  Are you insane?  …excuse me… what do you think I am…. a big server person?




5 Responses to Okay big server land people…..

  1. wim says:

    you might just skip the gui for adding registry keys and either edit the textfile which contains them directly or import them from the commandline

  2. wim says:

    no need to get picky, small server people can use text files, scripts etc too.

  3. Bucky says:

    Very few people in big server land do much of anything manually. Copying and pasting this stuff in by hand or script builds character.

  4. wim says:

    if your outsourcing small it environments you need to do that too

  5. Mark Mulvany says:

    Ah but Susan why do you think us big server people have got fed up with Windows 2003 Standard (Read less then SBS) whoever wanted Standard.

    As a former Active Directory jockey (16,000 objects) the wizards which I use to poke fun at are the reason I have grown to love SBS so I guess we will just have to come up with a way to overlay group policy so we don’t have to type that nonsense in fairness to the Developers who wrote group policy (Can’t believe I am giving those guys a break) most items in group policy are pretty much point and click.

    Regards Mark (The Irish Guy)
    Mark Mulvany MCT, MCSE, MCSE+I,CNA, INET+