Working with Group policy

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Just a nice friendly reminder… that when us non big server land people start mucking around in group policy..your first step should be to do these steps….

Go down in the group policy management console.. in that bottom section….

Right mouse click on Group Policy Objects… 

Ensure you’ve clicked on “backup all” …or at least the one you are mucking with…

And make sure it says this:

Because while you are attempting to put in the registry keys for MBSA..and you’ve obviously screwed something up…. so it looks like this….and when you go to edit it and it looks like this….

Which in turn gives you that error…. you can at least restore the policy from the backup you just made… granted you will go “Oh #%@#$ for a split second as you momentarily think you’ve horked yourself good as you can’t get back into the very template you’ve screwed up…

As with everything in life.. make sure you have a backup…..

(stay tuned… MBSA still not working…)


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  1. paulfi says:

    don’t forget to never touch the default domain and default domain controler policies. And dcgpofix.exe is on the system and can be used to restore those policies.