To all of those folks down in Los Angeles for the SMBTN conference… I’m bummed.. I had to bail on you and not fly down today… and I hear it’s raining down there… and sunny up here … dang. 

But for those in attendance, I am going to record later today the presentation I ‘was’ going to give and put the recording there for you guys to watch at your leisure… I’m thinkin’ I can do another one for you guys (after the 18th and sleep) in a podcast version.  I know it won’t make up for not being there (and certainly doesn’t make up for the fact that I’m missing out on Jeff Kane and SBA 2006/BCM’s brain knowledge…) but it makes me feel a smidge better….

I do have another chapter to review tonight from Charlie (the Admin companion book) Russel…they are doing an update for the book for the R2 updates so I’ve been doing a review of it.  I always like doing these kind of things because invaribly I’ll do a “oh yeah… I remember that” or a “Oh wow, I forgot that”, or a “Oh dang, I didn’t know that”.

Then… we have another Podcast from the SBS Blog gang… oooh and even a Live meeting recording… cool. 

You know … it may not quite be the geek out event in Los Angeles… but any weekend you have “fresh” Podcasts from Texas…. it’s not all that bad…..


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