Prove it….

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To the IT pros of the world.. if you are recommending a disaster plan to a small firm.. can you do me a favor and test it out in a testbed first (and now with Virtual server being free you have no excuse)

See if you guys see any problems with this plan….


  • CPA Firm

  • Nearly three year old hardware – SBS 2000 server – Raid 5 config – SCSI

  • Lost two drives already

  • IT firm is recommending a second server, entry level Dell with Windows 2003 R2 standard edition with a twice daily sync to minimize down time

  • They say that if the main SBS 2000 goes down… “all that needs to be done is change the login scripts” and the firm will be back in business within 10 to 15 minutes

Okay class… how many problems do we see with this?

First off… no one has pointed them to the MPAN program where they could sign up for the Action Pack and get them up to SBS 2003.

Next.. at about three years.. I start looking at that hardware and start to move it to a secondary position… I’d probably recommend a new server and move this existing server to a secondary role

Next… “all that needs to be done is login scripts”?  Uh… what about Exchange?  Your drive mappings? The fact that you are joined to the domain controller that isn’t there?  If you are on XPs.. the DNS settings?  Does anyone else besides me see issues with this plan?

So I’d say to that IT firm… prove it….


3 Responses to Prove it….

  1. happyfunboy says:

    i’ll hazard a guess that the “foolproof” dr plan in the mind of that it “quack” is…

    * configure replacement doc shares…with “everyone” given full control.
    * use the spiffy new login scripts to map to those new shares…woohoo!
    * configure replacement pop accounts for all users.
    * configure outlook on all machines to use the aformentioned pop accounts.
    * configure dhcp and dns to be served up by a $45 linksys router.

    lemme guess…their names were fred & barney, from bedrock data systems, right?

    btw: it would be more funny if i didn’t see this exact same thing all the time…grrrrrr!

  2. David Marley says:

    I know that SBS2003 doesn’t support Secondary Domain Controllers and I assume that SBS2000 is the same that 10 to 15 minutes sounds more like a half day worth of Oh Shit to me. Id go for a HP ProLiant server with a DAT72 (USB so you can use it on the desktops if needed) and an HP CarePaq. Hard disk failure and you can restore in under an hour (if you have spare drives) and a motherboard/controller failure and the HP CarePaq has a next day repair or swap out agreement.

    Sounds like a non techie sales pitch to me!

  3. johndoe says:

    Not to mention FSMO Roles and a pretty jacked up AD structure now that the end-all be-all server has died. Last I checked you couldn’t transfer roles or Demote an SBS. I would say have some new hardware and some good backups laying around and hopefully they are backup and running in a day or two.