I’m not a silo

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FORTUNE: Microsoft’s new brain – May 1, 2006:

As a senior executive puts it, “Our customers buy our products in an integrated fashion, but we build them in a siloed fashion.”

Amen…. I’m a business.. I’m not a silo.  I don’t just deal with servers, I deal with workstations and printers and people and projects and applications and collaborative platforms.. and I want them all to work and talk to each other….

Take for example the cell phones based on Windows Mobile that I’ve purchased for the office… and exactly WHY did I buy them?  Because they talk to my server.  Why did I choose copier/scanner/printer…because it can attach to my network.  Look at all the decisions I make on a regular basis because things work together.  One purchase drives another purchase.

Because I have a server, I buy more phones is just one example of how one division has pushed the sales of another.  Thus giving me the technical knowledge in the form of whitepapers is one example of how a whitepaper on mobility helps server sales and visa versa.

And even in your divisions.. things are in ‘regions’ and ‘by country’ and we have businesses that cross regions and span the globe..but they are powered by Small Business Server boxes….

So Microsoft…break down those barriers in those divisions.. talk to each other more.. because your customers need you to de-silo because we don’t work that way.


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  1. Here! Here! I’m exactly the same (as you stated)