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part 2 –   4/27/2006
part 3 –   4/28/2006


2 Responses to Don’t miss part two of the Crown Jewels of SBS

  1. Randy Spangler says:

    How can we download them if we missed them?

  2. happyfunboy says:


    i’ll post the archive links at the funcave once i get them.


    big huge super awesome thanks to the diva, who graciously joined the gang of all-stars helping to field all the q&a

    in the words of tim ‘dr. funkenstein’ barrett…

    ‘susan was answering questions like some kind of super-ninja’

    and…since she had the presence of mind to save the q&a log…

    i’ll post that at the funcave as well!

    thanks so much for helping out susan 🙂