I blogged about this earlier when it was a hotfix and we’re seeing it now when it’s a “public patch”


If you have ISA 2004 sp2 and you then get offered that patch.. some machines kick a reboot.. some don’t.  And when they don’t, because the patch is not automagically restarting the services they leave the IIS sites not running and thus your email is not working and companyweb is not functional until you restart the services.

After you get this patch applied.. check the services…. or reboot…

I’m still not sure why some boxes are rebooting and some are not.


2 Responses to ISA 2004 SP2 public hotfix 916106

  1. Paul Trainor says:

    Yup, I’ve seen the same problem. It didn’t ask to reboot, but companyweb et all, had stopped. Starting up the services took care of everything. But make sure to check!

  2. bfg9000 says:

    Yes, it’s funny.
    Try to install this via RWW. 😉