…and being the geek that I am.. took a photo of my car and the other car with my Windows Mobile 3 Cell phone….long story short… she pulled out nose first right into traffic… I couldn’t avoid/stop fast enough.

But the minor impact reminded me of … what else.. geek that I am … of disaster recovery…

Lessons learned today

  • Have your documentation in one place for your software, hardware, know what systems you have, serial numbers, etc. — when you are ever so slightly a bit scattered after the event… you’ll probably be a smidge flustered… ensure that you keep key information in a spot that you know where that is, in the case of the car accident, that’s License, registration, insurance, etc.
  • Ensure that there is someone less flustered on hand to help you through the disaster — no matter how old you are.. I still called Dad when the event occurred (he lives not that far away) and he had the presence of mind to remind me that I carry with me a cell phone that has a camera.  Great for documenting in just these situations.

Now what this event can’t do for disaster.. but I’ve heard Brian Desmond talk about before.. is make sure you test your DR processes.. because when the real disaster occurs you will be slightly flustered. So make sure you’ve tested restoring a server and make notes along the way.  These days with VPC/VMware/Vserver being free, there’s no reason not to fire up and do a test restore. Sometimes you have to see the screens to understand what is going on.

So do a little planning.. because when the real DR hits… don’t be like me and flustered on a Friday morning…

P.S…. damage is only the bumper and the headlight.. on the personal front, a little soreness on the right side from tensing, turning the wheel trying to avoid the car….but fortunately no whiplash…


2 Responses to Well this is how my Friday morning started out….

  1. happyfunboy says:


    make sure that someone other than you knows how to carry out that recovery plan.

    you never know when said disaster might take out temporarily or (god forbid) permanently the only person who knows how to execute the recovery procedure.

    make sure those notes are written in such a way that any competent it person, or perhaps even non-it person, could recover your system.

    very glad to hear you are ok, susan.

  2. Alun Jones says:

    Glad you’re not injured – small incidents like these can cause irritation and paranoia for a while, so try to relax.
    One comment on the disaster recovery – anything that you keep in one place (licences, for example, or installation media) should also be copied to another place.