Okay I give up.. I’m building another SBS sp1 base..why?  Because it failed out during the install and said it couldn’t apply SQL 2000 sp4… all because in the second screen of the “where would you like me to put your data folders and databases, I stupidly put in D:\MSSQL… not Programfiles\blah blah..but just MSSQL and our wizard install obviously didn’t like it.. so now.. I’m putting the entire thing on one stupid giant partition and just letting all the defaults put everything on C:

When wizards work ..it’s great.  When they don’t warn you ahead of time what they are expecting… you end up with me venting and ranting out here like this.

The gang says they flatten OEMs and reinstall them …if for nothing else to ensure that they can truly restore from stratch in case of a disaster because there are times that the drivers are not on the cdroms, so they need to know exactly ‘how’ to restore.

But.. I tell ya.. right about now… a 15 minute OEM install would look REALLY nice.. ’cause I’m having to start ALL over again to get a base of a SBS sp1 just so I can start the process of testing things it getting real old.. real fast.  I just wasted today’s build and have to start over because if my foundation isn’t installing correctly, there’s no use doing any more testing on top of a bad baseline.

Normally we say that you need to install three times… but installing three times isn’t exactly what I planned to do tonight… I mean after all ..Grey’s Anatomy is on next.


6 Responses to Note to self… when building beta boxes stop trying to move things

  1. happyfunboy says:

    wouldn’t bother me as much with dvd install media.

    without all the disc swapping, reinstall becomes much less hassle, that’s for sure.

  2. Tony says:

    I did a migration (ADMT) last year to temp hardware that was minimum spec (2×500 PIII processors, 1 gig RAM) and good God it was slow. Just reading and installing took at least 4 hours. I lost track of how long because I ended up doing the install 3 times before I got it right…I was there all damn day and most of the night.

    When I did a swing migration this past winter, the initial install on a single 3.0 gig Xeon with 2 gig and hardware RAID 1 took maybe an hour to an hour and a half.

  3. DonMurphy says:


    Save up your coffe money for about 2 weeks then go purchase a technician license of Paragon Martion manager and a 250 g IDE hard disk. After I spend about 3 hours of my time I image the system to the temporary hard disk.

  4. Dean Peters says:

    Whenever you get to a point where things are going great you should always STOP and make a backup

  5. bradley says:

    Dean I hadn’t even gotten the box built yet… a little hard to make a backup 🙂

  6. Tim Barrett says:

    There must be something in the water. I hosed an SBS R2 beta install this weekend by slicing up the disk and moving things around. When all was said and done I didn’t have the 9GB free where it wanted to park WSUS. I selected ‘notify only’, but still no joy. They should really fix that before it goes gold.