Want to know some of the things that went into the decision regarding the model of our most recent desktop computer?

I bought that model because it is the business class version that installs the least amount of additional stuff, I can purchase the media for $10.. (real media not imaged restore media) and …don’t laugh… the top of the mini tower is flat, and the usb slots on the front are not insanely and stupidly under a trap door like thing that you have to crawl on your hands and knees to put the usbcable in.

Besides the fact that it’s got sata drives and all that.. the fact that the top of the minitower was flat was a reason we got that model….

I kid you not….  😉

BTW I understand that this isn’t 100% effective.. http://www.yorkspace.com/dell-de-crapifier/ but it’s interesting nonetheless


One Response to So what do you look for in a desktop computer….

  1. Andy says:

    so why did it have to be flat so you can put stuff on the top of it or mount it somewhere?