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On May 1, 2006, in mobility, by

So looking to upgrade some more phones and we really like the size of the Smartphones… so the Cingular 2125 is the new equivalent of the SMT 5600…and hey ..they are now including ClearVue in the downloads And in checking this grid, we know that the 2125 can handle the self signed cert just fine.


 Model      Type Self Signed OK?
Cingular 2125 SmartPhone            Y
Cingular 8125 PocketPC            Y
T-Mobile MDA SmartPhone            N
T-Mobile SDA PocketPC            Y
Verizon 6700 PocketPC            Y
Verizon Treo 700w PocketPC            Y
Sprint 6700 PocketPC            Y

(Self Signed OK?  = means it’s either unlocked or comes with a cert install tool so you can get the cert on the device)


4 Responses to Phone shopping

  1. mark says:

    I think you might have the T-Mobile devices backwards. Looks to me like the SDA is a SmartPhone and the MDA is a PocketPC. Is that correct?

  2. Aaron Booker says:

    I’d like to find a *great* review of WM5 phones – that includes everything you’ve listed. I’m a pretty loyal sprint customer, but the reviews are what I need now. Anybody?

  3. Greg says:

    I have found to be a good source for phone info and reviews.

    Susan, any thoughts on WM2003/5 devices that work well with BCM and/or CRM3.0???



  4. Jared says:

    I run an SBS 2003 Server from home. My wife uses her T-Mobile MDA SmartPhone with SBS 2003 for her Exchange email. I use my Sprint PPC 6700. Both work fine with self signed certs.
    When you set up Activesync just export the cert from your XP Pro client’s IE cert cache, copy to your device, double-click, import and enjoy.
    This has always worked if the cert will not copy with the SBS 2003 Mobile device setup through the client apps wizard.