Finding a SBSer

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Two times in recent days I’ve been pinged about ‘finding’ an SBSer.  DIYers needed a smidge more help from someone in their area and everyone they called didn’t ‘get’ SBS.

There’s a couple of ways to ‘find an SBSer’

  • Find an SBSCer and ask that firm how many SBS installs they have done
  • Find an SBSgroup and you’ll immediately find someone who’s plugged into the community

Okay Ms. Smarty pants … I bet you are saying.. exactly how “do” I find an SBSCer?  Piece of cake for those in the USA…other countries will have this as well is my understanding.. so you go to the Small Business site and you click in that upper right corner and see what SBSCer is near you.  What’s a SBSCer?  A firm that has a person that is a small business specialist.  Now.. I would argue this isn’t quite enough… you also need to ask him or her how many SBS boxes they’ve installed.

Next.. find someone who has connected with a SBSgroup and attend a meeting or contact the leader of the group.  Someone who takes an evening out of their day to ensure they are hooking into peer help and resources …means that person is plugged into the community and someone you want to hook up with yourself.  Check out the groups at for locations near you.

At last resort….you can ping me too… via the contact box…but truly there are SBSers out there that would love to hear from you.


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