The next SMBTN Fresno meeting on the topic of Vista will be held at 1991 North Gateway,

RSVP to and give your preference of Pizza please!

1. What is it?

2.  How many versions are there?

3.  What’s Bitlocker?

4.  What’s the new features?

5.  When is it coming out?

…and more…


One Response to SMBTN Fresno – Meeting on Vista

  1. Alun Jones says:

    1. Vista is a generic version of Claritin.
    2. There are a gazillion versions, but don’t buy “ultimate” just because it sounds cool – buy it because you need the features.
    3. Bitlocker is either a vital tool for businesses that handle private information, or it’s a great way to lose your data so hard that noone can get it back.
    Oh, alright, I’ll leave it there…