Was doing gardening this weekend and was listing to the podcast from the SBS gang on the “evil” pop connector and the “never remove IIS” part of the podcast reminded me of a blog post I have that is about as narly as you can get…but IIS is still not uninstalled…

This blog post… see all the stuff that’s done but not once does anyone say uninstall and reinstall IIS?

And if you hear the podcast gang say “backup that Metabase” ..what they mean is this:


Just do yourself a favor and do that before messing with your SBS web sites…

P.S.  backing up the metabase before you muck in those web sites… that “is” a best practice if you haven’t figured that out…

(and yes the normal SBS backup grabs this as part of it’s system state stuff and all that…remember this is a fyi to do this ‘before’ you start mucking around to make it easier to put things back how you found them)


3 Responses to IIS never remove.. repeat after me… IIS never remove

  1. Jim Maher says:

    The IIS Metabase is NOT backed up as part of standard SBS backup???

    SBS2K3/SP1, standard Backup Wizard daily backup. I do NOT see the MetaBase.xml and MSSchema.xml files on the backup. Is this normal?

    If this is normal, why – in heavens name – aren’t these files being backed up?

  2. Jim,

    Are you sure volume shadow copy is working properly on the volume? Either way, you should see a copy in the System State backup. To restore, select System State and change “Restore Files to…” to “Alternate Location”. You’ll find it there in a C_ folder.


  3. Andy says:

    lol – I had someone remove iis once as “they weren’t using it” – oh how badly it screwed up their exchange installation!