On the blog link tonight is a new blog.. the SBS Community Lead, Kevin Beares has put up a blog shingle….


And he also says that is you read his blog you have to fill out the Community survey… .. thus by osmosis reading this post… you should fill out the community survey..too.

I want you to read Les’s comments about this survey….and then Dave’s

Someone once said that they wanted to feel like the product group was listening… well this is step one in that direction. 

So fill up his database will yah.. cause this looks fun and interesting….

and see Kevin..that wasn’t so bad now was it?  …and after we have him trained on how to do surveys better.. and then blogging…next will be podcasts… oh yeah… I think he’ll be into podcasts in about …oh.. six months or so … don’t you think?

😉 (just kidding.. baby steps… he just started blogging I shouldn’t freak him out)


One Response to A disturbance in the force… a good one…

  1. Kevin Beares says:

    Thanks for being gentle. I am a newborn in this area, you know. Well, I have had my hand in the podcasts that are up on http://blogs.technet.com/sbs that are published on http://theworkingnetwork.com. I worked with Bob Rebholz who did the interviews with members of the SBS product team. The only problem is finding the bandwidth to get them produced. Bob took on a new Director job on the MS.com team, but he says the pangs of guilt from not working on finishing up the production process are killing him. Bob????? Bob says that he will learn me on how he does the producing so that I can take this over. Looks fun.

    Thanks again Susan,