The SBS blog has given us homework for the US three day weekend…

A newbie podcast.. but you know what.. sometimes everyone needs to revisit those foundations and ensure that the “best practices” they think they are doing are still good best practices…

… oooh I said best practices didn’t I?

Notes here…

Even the experts need to listen to this.. there are lessons learned from these OEM machines… I know what she’s talking about…

1.  The fact they offer that Yosemite Technolgies tape drive software on those OEM machines when it’s totally NOT needed drives me absofreakinglutely insane.  To me that is highway robbery what Dell does when they talk about that tape drive software and do not even tell you that as paranoid as I am .. I USE THE NATIVE SBS BACKUP… and given that in the SBS 2000 era I used another backup software says a ton.

2.  The fact that the OEM install forces you to a small C: drive on that preinstall… many of the oldtimers flatten it and start over.  No, SBS doesn’t have to have a small C drive.

3.  The fact that if you try to move some of MSDE instances, there’s a spot in the SBS “where do you want me to move things screen that you have to be very careful, and I’ve found that (and hopefully I can remember the proper way..) is that I sometimes make the folder location and actually browse to the location.. merely putting in a drive letter and a folder name won’t work.

4.  Yes, you still want to have partitions out on your system.  You do not want to have 120 gigs of a c drive for a disaster recovery purposes..still the best practices for parititions sizes is to not have one big harddrive.

5.  Moving folders.. the white paper is here….

6.  And these days.. I’m using hard drives for backups.

7. is a great resource for event log… but those Dell machines in their documentation has a whole section of “here’s some of the wacko things that SBS does in it’s event log only during boot up and shut down so just ignore them” in the documentation….


2 Responses to Ooh there’s a Podcast for the weekend

  1. Another great post – you can tell I am catching up on my blog reading :-).

    Anyway, HD based backup – I seem to have found an occasion where this type of solution this does not work – for offsite archival purposes. You know, must keep 7/10/21/life years worth of materials in a dusty cupboard in some fireproof locker somewhere. Given these customers, I normally use both – do you find this too, or do you just store a new USB HD every month?



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