..okay so I had this logo done by Curtis at Curtoons.com and well.. it turned out reallllly cute.  You see they are … oh rats … I can’t tell you that because that will give the secret away.  And I will put the link up here after the rest of the gang see the shirt logo…but I can’t yet… oh but it really is soooooo cute.

But the process was really cool.. I entered the information of what I had in mind… gave him the time frame… and he asked for a deposit via paypal.. and then sent back the “proofs” today… and it did turn out really cute.

Oh this will drive me crazy keeping this to myself…. see I want the shirts in time for TechEd so that I can wear them (and give one to Jeff Middleton who is speaking there on SBS “myths” of disaster). 

…now the question is.. can I hold out and not blog about it and put the link up for the …. oh I can’t tell you what’s on the shirts as that will give it away…..

But truly.. if you ever want a cute, fun, corporate logo that is part Pixar and part Disney.. I’d highly recommend Curtis’ work.

… just wait until you see my next commission that he’s doing… it’s a … oh shoot … I can’t tell you….it’s a surprise… man this is worse then keeping Microsoft NDA secrets… this is going to drive me crazy… I can just tell…..



One Response to You know I never was good at waiting for Christmas either

  1. Vlad Mazek says:

    I say we all just wear them and take a big SBS group pic from TechEd together. Talk about roaches.

    And no worries, cafepress.com can do stuff overnight, gets to you in about 3. I want one too, put it on my tab..