… so I’m calling for a hotfix.. and I’m insanely calling on a Monday late night…and I’ve yet to talk to a human yet just to tell them all I want is a hotfix…. so far I’m starting to memorize “Do you know there are free technical events in my area?”  Visit www.technetbriefings.com

…and yes I do know about the Microsoft support lifecycle web site. … but thanks for asking nonetheless…  http://support.microsoft.com/lifecycle

I still say there has to be an easier way (and certainly more automated) way to get hotfixes….I’ve been on hold for 40 minutes now….and so far me and the Microsoft lady are becoming fast friends..

Yes, thank you I do know about the technet events thank you very much….you said that before you know…

..and yes.. I know about the lifecycle too.. you said that about 2 minutes ago you know.. we talked about this before (how quickly she forgets that we just had this conversation).

..oh yeah.. visit www.microsoft.com/protect and perform the steps there to project your computer’s security…

Ma’am.. look.. yes.. I know about Technet… you told me that like 2 minutes ago… um…can we try some other part of the Microsoft web site?

Yes, truly I know about the free Technet events….you just told me that 2 minutes ago….you know I’m really getting concerned about this short term memory loss issue you are having…are you feeling okay..because I’m really getting concerned that you can’t remember what we chatted about not a minute ago…

oh yes.. I know about the lifecycle site…..remember.. we discussed this….you sure you are feeling okay?  We discussed this.. remember?

.. she’s gotta be a real lady… wonder if she’s got kids… wonder if she runs a Microsoft computer…..

truly ma’am… I know about technet.. you know I really think you need to take a break here.. this short term memory loss is truly concerning me now…

(in all seriousness.. I think I’m going to give up for tonight…getting the hotfix for KB915343 will just have to wait for tomorrow…and yes 915343 is a real hotfix..just not yet publically posted yet…)



4 Responses to At least the hold music isn’t bad…

  1. Amy says:

    Maybe our national holidays affect when MS support is available?

  2. DonMurphy says:

    Is there a KB915343? Search at MS picked up on anything. Is this a belated April fo0l?

  3. SRW says:

    Pray tell Susan! What is KB915343 supposed to fix?

  4. weiyen says:


    I thought i might say a light-hearted comment to say that perhaps if you said you were the SBS Diva that you will get better priority? 🙂