Where files are stored….

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<Sis> So where are my photos located

<me> So where did you save them?

<Sis> I don’t know.

<me> so where does the program save them?

<Sis> I don’t know.

<me> Okay but they are somewhere on your harddrive, right?

<Sis> Yes, but I don’t know where

Have you noticed that photo editing programs seemingly are the worst for dumping files into buried locations that unless you know the exact \\location\files\whereIwillplacethemsoyoucan’tfindthem you won’t be easily digging out those photos.

Some use “My photos”… some use a folder location of their own devising under their own directories.

Just a tad annoying I’d say…



5 Responses to Where files are stored….

  1. Tim Long says:

    Windows Desktop Search can be a real life-saver in situations like this.

  2. alunj says:

    Photo editing tools are generally designed with the concept of “you don’t need to know that your pictures are stored as files – they are merely inside our black box somewhere”.
    This is the root of my fear of WinFS – that users will know their files are somewhere, but they will no longer be likely to put those files in an area that’s easy for assisting technicians to find.

  3. Matt says:

    Well I would say about 60% of our clients have no clue where they save files. The worst offensers are from city goverment or supprizingly law frims. I can’t say how many times I ask where they saved a file to only to get a blank stare and a comment ” I just clicked on save.”

  4. Keith Templin says:

    I’ll take the flip side of this thread, I want to be able to change the location. I have several photo / editing software title that want to dump their files somewhere in My Documents.

    Convenient huh? Not really when My documents redirection is turned on. My log off time now is calculated in light years not minutes.

    Hey MR. Vendor, please don’t assume you know what I need. Ask me what I want. Is it that hard to write a reg entry that declares where to go to for the files?

  5. Chuck says:

    File/Save As is my best friend in situations like this. The dialogue opens to the default location and in my experience, users who don’t know where their files are saved don’t change the defaults.