Then listen to Vlad’s Podcast of me, Dave Sobel and Alun Jones!  And we were indeed shutting down the place… it was amazing to think of the logistics of that event.

But whether your go to TechEd, WorldWide Partner Conference, SMBNation, or SMBTN’s training sessions… the value of learning and face time is indeed worth it.

 As promised, big TechEd SBS Show, fresh from the oven.

SBS Show 22 live from TechEd. We grabbed everyone left over after TechEd ended earlier today and brought you the SBS Show live from TechEd’s Security MVP executive office. By the time we were done not even the posters were left on the walls. Hope you enjoy it, we talk about the new technologies demonstrated at TechEd, general Microsoft technical direction for the next year, what we took from the event, working on SBS as a big-business employee and more. Joining me are Susan Bradley, Alun Jones and Dave Sobel.

Download the SBS Show #22


One Response to Want to get a smidge of flavor of TechEd?

  1. Vlad Mazek says:

    Advance note that our audio this time is a bit weak mostly because of portable recording and doing so on a new mic. The audio (and video) quality leave much to be desired but I’m sure that if you give it a listen you’ll agree that the content is solid.