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So I was messing with the comment spam filtering because blog spam was pretty bad and somehow I think I broke comments in the process… I’ll trying to deal with it but I’m honestly sitting here on the couch vegging out (I need to do laundry as well) and thinking back on my last two weeks….and how much community that I’ve experienced in the last two weeks.

Boston was last week where I finally saw Dr. J and Riley in person (and while their listening room is great… in person is much better)… met Micheal Kleef in person (way cool), dashed over to Amy Babinchak in Detroit to launch a user group (and btw she’s started a new ‘real world’ security blog, flew back to Boston, had the SBS Birds of a feather and met SBSers in Boston, saw Anne Stanton do her CRM Birds of a feather, saw Jeff Middleton do his “Disaster Recovery of a small business” talk, did the SBShow podcast with Vlad, hung around with Alun and Terry and Dave and Sean, did the tourist thing (still have a bit of a leftover blister on my foot from too new of tennis shoes that I wore on Saturday), flew to Dallas, did the EonCall Podcast (which was WAY fun), had American food, met with the SBS gang in Los Colinas and had training with Mark Stanfill, met Peter “yes he has a fan club at TechEd because the folks there loved his laugh” Gallagher, Damian, Justin, Ed, Jim, Jeff and the rest of the gang (I so KNOW I’m missing names but I SOOOOO need a dew right now but I’m too lazy to get off the couch and get it)…ate Mexican, had day two where we did my favorite dump analysis (and I need to put that memory dump for you guys to play with because dump file analysis is sooooo fun), had deep dive on WSUS (which I will be blogging later), ate Mexican… and then more interaction on Day three with the guy who was killed by Microsoft Bob, along with a few other MS folks and ate… uh… Mexican… with the guys and gals from the DFW SBS technology group (aka user group), 

Yeah by day three the fact that we went Texas and ended up having Mexican food three nights in a row ended up being very funny.

But in all my bopping around this country…and as my fellow SBSers go back to their respective corners of the globe, I’m reminded that an SBSer is just a yahoogroup away, an IM away, a newsgroup away, an blog post away, a web site away.  It’s all about the community.. the community of SBSers.. and we’re stronger together.  But in today’s world that “togetherness” doesn’t have to be in person, we can strengthen each other just in showing up in one of the SBS communities.

Be a Cockroach.. be an SBS Cockroach and together we “can” overtake the world, one server at a time!


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