On the train back home

On June 24, 2006, in Rants, by

and I happen to set on the side of the train that doesn’t have the working plug ins… and my battery is about ready to drop me off… so I do have another battery but it points out how dependent I still am on power.

In fact I just warned Scott on IM that if I dropped off.. that don’t be insulted that I didn’t mean it…. and the annoying part about battery guages is how inaccurate they are…. it’s like my Dad’s old Mustang he used to have that had such an inaccurate gas gauge.. once you dropped below 1/2 a  tank.. it dropped like a rock.

Jeff Middleton this morning was complaining about how a GUI “how much time you have left” button was so inaccurate.

Okay so .. I’m off to go get food in the train snack bar..and I’ll fire up the new battery when I get back…we’ll see how long it lasts..


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