Since I can’t post comments to Tim’s post about how he’s given up on beta testing Vista.. I’ll leave my comment here…

So, Tim?  Did you bug it?

Did you post your ‘what didn’t work’ in the appropriate forum?  I can’t stress this enough on how important it is to give feedback in the appropriate place.  There’s no way that Microsoft can test every single version and what not so if a piece of hardware “should” work and doesn’t then make sure that the folks that should know, do know.

In the SBS 2003 R2 beta … I was practically to the extreme of overbugging things sometimes, but there are times that I’d rather be on the cautious side of bugging things then not.

So folks.. when UAC annoys you… when there’s an issue with Vista or Office 2007, don’t ask in a public listserve.. bug the issue in the proper beta newsgroup and post the bug on or whatever bug filing mechanism has been given to you….

..but bottom line.. make sure that feedback is given in the appropriate forum..