So you were hesitating on becoming a Small Business Specialist because you were not liking the fact that Microsoft PAMs would call you.. or that you got cool offers? But what if there was something cooler?

What if you could go to a staffed and managed newsgroup and get a guaranteed response from a Microsoft support engineer in four hours?

What if you could only get this kind of access if you were a SBSCer?

Guess what..that’s exactly what is going to happen.

If you are a SBSC firm you will get special access to a SBSC only newsgroup that has a faster response time… from 6 a.m to 6 p.m if you have a question about SBS, Windows server, Exchange, Win XP, Office (from Access to Word) you’ll get this special benefit.

Look for more info on the SBSC web site on access to this closer to the World Wide Partner Conference…but if you were on the fence before about why you should be a SBSCer… this is just one more of many reasons why you need to step up to the plate and brand yourself as a small business specialist.


One Response to If you didn’t have a reason to be a SBSC-er before… you do NOW!

  1. Larry Lentz says:

    KEWL!!! That will be great!