…and I need to also disclose how the “SBS Diva” started.. you see I was helping David Coursey out with his SBS 2003 server and in a review he called me the “SBS Diva” and well it just stuck… so since we just added some new blog skins.. I decided to redecorate with a smidge of pink around the place…but… if you CAN see the fact that I changed the blog colors around and that DOES mean you are viewing this on the web.. maybe instead you should be viewing this on a RSS reader instead…

From a Sharepoint web part to RSS Bandit to Newsgator to IE 7 (yeah yeah it’s a beta.. I know …) don’t read this blog from a web browser… get it via the feeds…

P.S.  If you are wondering..the “E-Bitz” comes from a two part nickname as well.. Bitzie because I have short hair.. and “E” because .. well.. I can find just about everything and anything online….


3 Responses to If you are looking at the blog from the web site… I’ve gone to girly pink

  1. Robert Banghart says:

    Hmmm. I clicked through from RSS Bandit not to find a “smidge” but a tsunami of pink.

    I’m have Elvis flashbacks as I close my tab and return to my bland white background world.

    I find great nuggets in your posts and so feel free to do anything you want to the page. I’ll stay subscribed.

  2. mark says:


    Oh well, love the tech stuff anyway 🙂

  3. I’ll have to check out the RSS pulls (in to my Outlook 2007 beta 2) but I actually like the pink 😉
    Great resource though and I am going to add a link to your site from my blog.