So you want to start a patch management process…but you don’t think your micro biz clients will install R2?

Check out this info from Shavlik—- 

Microsoft updated their guidance today concerning support for MBSA and
customers running legacy Operating systems and applications (iow, all
the systems not supported by WSUS). Microsoft posted this guidance on
the MBSA web page

In response to Microsoft’s announcement, Shavlik is offering a free
commandline scanner product to the security community. Shavlik NetChk
Analyzer for Microsoft (SNA) is the latest incarnation of Shavlik’s
agentless hfnetchk scan engine. This scanner is backwards compatible
with MBSACLI.exe /hf – you can drop the new scan engine into your MBSA
scripts without any changes required. The SNA scan engine also adds many
new features that weren’t part of the original MBSA scan engine. (more
information on the new feature set is available here:

The SNA for Microsoft engine scans and reports on patch status for
Microsoft Operating Systems and applications, including remote scans of
Office 2000 through Office 2003. The scanner supports an unlimited
number of hosts and will not time out.

In addition, Shavlik is offering a version of the Shavlik NetChk
Analyzer that includes support for non-Microsoft products like Adobe,
Flash, Firefox, and others, as well as support for non-security
Microsoft patches. This version is available for free for one year and
will support scanning 25 clients at a time. Lastly, Shavlik is now
offering a free, one year 10 seat license of Shavlik NetChk Protect that
will perform patch scanning and deployment (and anti-spyware

Additional information about these offerings, including links to
download these products is available here:


Bob Peterson


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