Service pack 3 for SBA 2006 and BCM

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Service Pack 3 for SBA/BCM
This service pack provides the latest updates to Microsoft Office Small
Business Accounting 2006 and Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 with Business
Contact Manager Update.;en-us;920115

(and is it just me or is that KB blank?… okay now it’s resolving 
as it should.. must have been sunspots or something)
Okay do I need more dew or what?  Terry pointed out that the 
headline read SBS not SBA…uh sorry about that


One Response to Service pack 3 for SBA 2006 and BCM

  1. Ummm, Susan. Check the headline, it’s SBA not SBS….for a minute there I thought MS had changed SBS R2 to SBS 2006…