So if you are seeing this…try the following…

If you are installing SBS sp1 on an OEM machine and you get a message that says “

This computer cannot be upgraded to OEM version of small business server

First try this:

HKLM\software\microsoft\smallbusinessserver\IsRunFromWeb and set the value to Decimal 1 i.e. 0x1.

This can happen on an OEM install of SBS if the following file is the retail version.
C:\program files\Microsoft integration\windows small business server 2003\suiteinfo.dll

To see if you have the retail version of the file: When you view the properties of this file, sometimes you get a resource tab.  On the resource tab, expand string  If it is OEM version, it will have an entry that says 74995-OEM.  If it is the retail version, it will say just 74995

(I also opened it up in notepad and saw in my version of it…this so I could tell my SBS OEM thought it was an OEM and had the right dll file)



Usually this will happen if it has OEM PID in the registry and the file version of sutieinfo.dll is retail.  In this case replace the retail version with the OEM one and rerun the service pack.


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