The first 48 hours

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So if you have your SBS 2003 R2 media because you have access to MSDN.. and you’ve downloaded it..and are playing with it.. you are in the first 48 hour time frame.. the part of the SBS R2 WSUS era that I KNOW that you folks will drive you crazy.. because you’ll see that section of the SBSized WSUS and want to approve everything in there and get annoyed because you have to click over and over and over one at a time on each patch.

But .. you didn’t read the instructions did you?  You see in the instructions it talks about the process of that first 48 hours.. where it first approves the new patches.. What?  Didn’t read the readme?

ummmm.. I’m tellin’ Marina that you didn’t read..

Update Services does not automatically detect new Update Classification types.

During the first 48 hours after the first synchronization starts, Windows SBS 2003 R2 Update Services detects only Critical updates, Security updates and Service Packs. After the first 48 hours, Update Services detects all classification types that were available at the time that Windows SBS 2003 R2 was released. When Microsoft Update releases new update classification types, Update Services does not automatically include the new classification types for detection by network computers. To determine if there are new update classification types, and to enable them for detection by network computers, you must manually add new update classification types.

To do so, click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Microsoft Windows Server Update Services. On the WSUS home page, click Options, click Synchronization options, and then click Change under Update Classification. Review the list of update classification types to see if there are unselected classification types. You can add additional update classification types by selecting the appropriate check boxes. Update Services now includes these update classification types for detection by network computers.

Now if I were you.. when I built a new box.. I’d MU that sucker up to full patch status and bypass this 48 hour patch detection window…. or I’d do a few /detectnow’s and what not to speed up the process… but again.. if you’ve just started playing with R2 and you are in that first 48 hour time frame and you are getting annoyed clicking on approving patches… don’t.  That’s not how the console works… it is set do what it needs to do in the next 48 hours… if you don’t want to wait.. then MU your system to full patch status.


2 Responses to The first 48 hours

  1. Jeff Dempsey says:

    Perfect Timing!!! I just WSUS’d a server for install in two weeks, and I was wondering about why I only had ~350 vs. 1150 on my office server.

    You are a true gem of the SBS community.

    Thank you so much for your blog.


  2. Jeff Dempsey says:

    Never mind (the silly me part, not the compliments to you)…

    I did set that up, but left out the drivers. I didn’t need 553 copies of the VIA RHINE II Ethernet adapter on my customer’s WSUS box.

    Have a great time in Boston!