Handy Andy posted this earlier….and JeffM and Marina and I were playing around with the chat … pretty cool… I’ll be there at 4 p.m pacific… don’t miss the new location of the Handy Andy Chat!

Hi Gang,


I have some great news!

You know we have been over-powering the chat server at MCPmag.com for the last few months.

I spoke to my editor there and he is allowing us to relocate it, Thankx Michael!

I have also been talking with my friend and fellow MVP Jeff Middleton and he has graciously offered to host the chat for us on SBSmigration.com.

It will be just like it was before, free to all, an informal logon that you can create yourself, and no sales e-mails targeted from the logons.

The only thing that will be different is Jeff is hosting the chat on a real powerful server on a fat pipe so we can accomadate more users.

Well there are also a lot more bells and whistles and you will be able to cut and paste from the chat window.


I know a lot of you have been very disappointed lately with not being able to logon, but give us a try tomorrow, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

And you know who will be slumming in the chat since it’s on his home turf :>)

I am also hoping Harrybbb will stop by and help christen our grand re-opening, it wouldn’t be a true SBS happening without him!


Sorry for the late notice but I just got word minutes ago that the site up and running.


Here is the link to access the chat tomorrow at the regular time,

Http://Chat.sbsmigration.com .  (just click on register in the corner, and log in, it’s really easy)


I sure hope to see y’all there 7:00pm est (4:00pm pst)



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