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The other day the “Banana hack” to get a HP Media Center Edition (MCE) to join a domain (1) wouldn’t do it.. it kept bluescreening on me and I thought it was due to the partitions on the drive… and I was reminded that I could boot with a XP pro cdrom and go into the Recovery console from there… but when I did… I could only see the cdrom drive and the D: partition on the computer and not the C: drive… hmmmm… okay so the recovery console finds the drive …but not all parts of the drive… so I rebooted and went into the bios settings and found that the SATA drive was set up for RAID… and not IDE….hmmmm says I…wonder if I change the bios from RAID to IDE if the recovery console will work.

‘sure nuff that was the issue… once I flipped the SATA from RAID to IDE in the bios settings, rebooted the box, the Windows recovery console part worked and now my HP MCE M7560y has now exposed the “network settings” in the control panel so I can now join it to a domain.

(1) keep in mind that this banana hack now puts this machine in an unsupported state. I am choosing to ‘unsupport’ myself because I want the active directory full AD glue.  I’m choosing unsupporting my OS for more control from the server.


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  1. Vlad Mazek says:

    … and the queen of inappropriate email/blog subjects takes back her throne.


  2. Eric Vogel says:

    Why not Vlad? Company bought this Refurb Dell, came with MCE 2005. We are not going to purchase the OS again. I would have had to get a lower end PC and that will not happen with my job. I need a work horse.