…now obviously we have to wait for the media…but just to let everyone know because there were some questions about this yesterday..

At the present time on the MSDN site are iso images that say SBS 2k3 R2…but there’s only the five first disks that make up SBS 2k3 sp1.

Disk 1
Disk 2
Disk 3
Disk 4

These five disks get you up to SBS 2k3 SP1…and now you are ready to apply the R2 parts. If you already have SBS 2k3 sp1 you will just jump to this R2 disk.  On it are three things… Sharepoint sp2, Exchange 2003 sp2 and the SBSized/WSUS parts.  The first two, if you are an up to date SBSer you can skip by those… it’s only the last one you need to install with the “Built in admin” account.  That will give you the SBSized WSUS and the .. .yes the green check that per Vlad (1) was the reason that R2 was delayed….

The premium disks include ISA 2004 and SQL 2005 workgroup. But truly listen to the podcast now about R2.. it may be delayed..but you’ll still need to know how to install it once it hits the streets.

(1) Vlad’s take on why the R2 release was delayed:

Here is the MVP scoop:

The product was recalled to make the green check greener. They felt that, as its most significant feature, it was not piercing green enough. The new check will have lime extract and will be based on the next generation of Aero for SBS codename Chlorophyll.FX.

And on a Friday nonetheless!

P.S. Just a joke about the inside scoop. Though kudos to the SBS team for having the balls to pull a product, shows some level of restraint and control that I hope IE team can pick up. 

P.S.  Tim says I need to at least link to Vlad’s “Its not easy being green” vlog about R2…..



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  1. Oh, come on Susan. Post a link to Vladfire #5, you owe Vlad that much…and hearing Kermit sing was worth it.