I vote for "understand" WGA

On July 31, 2006, in Rants, by

Vlad links to a way to “disable” WGA but I’d strongly recommend that if your machine is failing WGA  authentication and you beleive that you are a legal owner of MS software that you make your voice heard.

1.  The WGA folks talk about a WGA “roadmap”…  so you may be shutting it off now, but it won’t be shut off later…

2.  The WGA team believes that the number of ‘false positives’ are miniscule.

Review the WGA blog for the listing of issues…and post your issue in the WGA forum.. don’t just shut the thing off because if we don’t give feedback nothing will get fixed…and yes I know that you don’t have time to fix Microsoft software…but truly nothing will get fixed unless you give feedback.

Shutting it off only reinforces the WGA’s teams thoughts that there’s little false positives out there.

Remember we have to give feedback when something isn’t working …or it won’t get fixed …


One Response to I vote for "understand" WGA

  1. indy says:

    I’d understand WGA if the checks were say every 6 months, or every year. Right now it’s spyware, it’s a malware for my legit customers, and false positives now or in the future effect their bottom line and are embarrassing all around.

    We have WSUS crits now on hold, we don’t want this rolled out because we imaged OEM based boxes, only to find out later that that isn’t “kosher,” even though they have different OEM stickers all over them. Will we be tagged?