Fellow MVP pinged me tonight and said that a client was actually asking for Gotomypc rather than RWW because he didn’t want his icons moved.

Okay that’s a tad bit extreme of a reason to not use RWW…but if you have a client like this…http://www.iconsaver.com/index.html  check that out.  I am finding though.. and I’m not sure if Vista does this..that someone needs to figure out how to natively support dual screens remotely…because that is a need that does need to be fixed…. and hopefully Vista has it on the drawing board otherwise that will be a bummer for Terminal server access in the future….I’m about to buy another monitor for home… as I miss my dual monitors I have at the office…


2 Responses to Why does RWW change (sorry, that should be MOVE) the icons on the desktop?

  1. You had me confused there, the title should read…………Why does RWW move the icons on the desktop?

  2. Shawn says:

    The reason for the icons moving is simply connecting with a different screen resolution then the one you would use locally. So if you have your screen resolution set at 1024×768 be sure to use the same resolution when connecting via RWW.
    As a test, change your screen resolution on your desktop to a smaller res and back again…icons get moved around to fit on the smaller resolution and stay that way when you return to the larger res…