"A better place to get ripped off"

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To whom it may concern at VioSoftware:

Just a little hint here… there is a suggested retail price for SBS 2003 and when the price is much lower than it should be, I smell a rat.

Knock it off.  It’s vendors like you that have made us get stuck with Windows Genuine Advantage and other such anti piracy stuff that we have to deal with in the small business world.

..and then what many a Microsoft partner doesn’t appreciate… is when they try to do the right thing and then firms like you still stay in business.  We’re getting headaches trying to make sense of licensing and Microsoft EULAs and you are ripping the rest of us off and getting away with it.

Microsoft never sells a CDO {cd only} version of SBS 2003.  So Vio Software?  Knock it off.  Stop screwing it up for the rest of us so that we have to deal with WGA these days. 

And while I’m in my ranting on EULAs and media kick tonight… a word for the folks at Microsoft… I updated my member server to the R2 version and it needed a product key code… thus giving me a warm fuzzy feeling that I paid for a product upgrade.  The retail SBS 2003 R2 upgrade that I got from buy.com that goes on top of the SBS 2003 sp1… it has no product key code on the back…now admittedly buy.com sent me old wrong media… so for all I know the real final R2 standard upgrade has a product key code…but if it doesn’t….for all of those folks that rant that R2 is just a bunch of service packs… not having a product key code on the Standard upgrade sort of reinforces that.  Next time when you have a product that you have us buy… stick a product key code on there no matter what.

P.S.  Eli.. Microsoft doesn’t sell a “CDO” only SBS product.  It’s a clear rip off and was confirmed in the mssmallbiz yahoogroups by Microsoft employees.  This isn’t a rant.  They are clearly ripoffs and pirates.

There are three ways to buy SBS – retail, OEM, VL.  That’s it.  And when the price tag is too good… you know it’s counterfeit.

P.S.S.  I agree with Keith there is a “media only kit’ which I myself have purchased.. BUT.. it’s like $40 someodd bucks and I already paid for the license via the Open license/volume licnese channel.  If you are a VL/OL customer… you are being ripped off buying “CDO” software.  Folks…there is no 1/2 agreement… this firm is ripping people off.


3 Responses to "A better place to get ripped off"

  1. Eli says:

    Susan, are you basing your Viosoftware claims on anything? Or just ranting and raving about a “Walmart” approach to selling software?

  2. Keith Templin says:

    It is very often that I disagree with the Diva, well this is a 50% disagree. Microsoft does sell a CDO in the form of a media kit. I have seen that these media kits have a valid installation code sticker on them, and work just fine.


    Now to use this media kit LEGALLY, you must have some kind of license agreement with Microsoft (Select, Value, Open). Just because you have the media and the code does not mean you have the right to use the product. I agree with Susan on this point, and is why those of us to do things the right way suffer.

    By looking at this vendor’s web page, it looks as if the image is a media kit that they are pawning off. At a huge markup too.

  3. Wayne Taylor says:

    I agree with this, it’s the same here in the UK………it pi**es me off.